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Customer Engagement might be increasingly important to today’s top brands but it can be time-consuming and expensive to attempt to then only get the marketing equivalent of tumbleweed.

If you’re looking for new ideas for Customer Engagement, look away now, these are the tried and tested tactics proven to work…

Customer Engagment With Social Media

This seems too obvious even to list but we didn’t want to risk excluding. Social media and customer engagement are natural bedfellows. Not only that but today it’s hard to remember when social media and  engaging with consumers at all was a bit of a mystery to brands.

Each year Brian Solis’ Pivot team releases a “State of Social Marketing report”. In 2011 brands were prioritizing Sales as their primary goal for Social. Fast forward today and it’s all about using Social Media to drive Consumer Engagement – that just makes good marketing sense really.

Today, brands confident with their social engagement are releasing many reports and case studies into just how they did it. Check out:

Content Marketing Engages Customers

Another ‘no brainer’ tactic but content’s ability to drive customer engagement has been proven for years. For example business blogging drives 55% more website visitors and video is some of the most engaging content increasing email click-through rates and even conversions. Google’s Search algorithm and Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm are based on content which drives engagement. They key to creating engaging content?

Include a compelling Call to Action recommends the Content Marketing Institute.

Engaging Customers With Competitions

Competitions can be hit and miss but when it comes to Facebook they rule. How valuable are competitions on Facebook? Well Facebook bought the leading competitions software vendor, Wildfire, in July 2012 for a rumored $250 million. Here’s 6 ways to create great competitions on Facebook that could apply anywhere else online.

Customer Engagement Via Reviews

There’s an old marketing adage that consumers frequently don’t want to engage with brands unless it’s to complain. Obviously it’s not your intention to drive customer complaints but enabling reviews on your company website comes with a host of benefits:

  • you can see and manage customer issues directly
  • drive interest
  • increase trust in your products and services
  • ultimately create a more engaging brand destination

If you run an e-commerce website that has a lot of product pages this is something you simply have to investigate further.

Customer Engagement Through Live Chat

I had to include this because it’s a personal favorite of mine. You know how sometimes you just want to look something up online and you’re sort of sitting on the fence about purchasing? Live Chat sits between online research and a customer phoning a call center enquiries line but with really impressive results; like reviews, having onsite Live Chat increases dwell times, decreases shopping cart abandonment and seems to encourage customers to return.

I haven’t seen any data on it but I bet it’s a lot cheaper to support than phone operators too.

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